Aviva Drescher’s 25-Year-Old Future Stepmother Speaks Out on Her Relationship
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Real Housewives of New York

Aviva Drescher’s 25-Year-Old Future Stepmother Speaks Out on Her Relationship

Hugh Heffner may be laughing in his silk robe and calling George Teichner an amateur, but the rest of the world is still reeling from the daddy of all bombs Aviva Drescher’s pops dropped during the May 27 episode of Real Housewives of New York. The 76-year-old lover of pinstripes and bottom pinching announced his engagement to girlfriend Dana Lavette Cody, 25, a Miami-based salon owner. While everyone with a pulse expected Aviva to throw Dana some shade, the future Mrs. Teichner says the blonde housewife is welcoming her with open arms.

The soon-to-be-stepmom spoke to The Dish about the first time she met Aviva, saying “it was pretty fun!” That’s not how we would imagine meeting our shiny new 43-year-old step-daughter, but that’s just us.

When asked how she thought Aviva would react to her engagement to George, the 25-year-old (we’re going to keep reminding you) responded “Are you kidding me? I was extremely nervous! I was thinking, ‘she’s going to rip me a new one!’ But she was so welcoming and she embraced me. I was more comfortable than I expected to be.”

In the interview, Dana also revealed that she met George when he came into her salon for a manicure (older gents do know how to groom) and that she’s not expecting a big wedding, “I’m such a soul-to-the-earth individual. George and I...we could just to to a courthouse and get married.” Oh that’s adorable. You’re part of a TV fam now, sweets, there’s no way your nuptials aren’t getting televised.

The new addition to the clan goes on to say her relationship with Aviva is “in a great place. We were just in New York two weeks ago and we stayed at her place. We get along really well.” And to all the haters wondering if she’s a gold digger, Dana responds “I love him, he loves me.” Nuff said.

What do you think? Is the age difference inappropriate, or does love transcend generations?

Source: The Dish