Avril Lavigne “Doesn’t Remember Much” About Her Wedding to Chad Kroeger
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Avril Lavigne “Doesn’t Remember Much” About Her Wedding to Chad Kroeger

Don’t ask Avril Lavigne to tell you the details of her wedding to Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger — she’s got no recollection of the three day event in the South of France this summer.

The best she could come up with when she stopped by Chelsea Lately on November 12? “It was three days long, and I don’t remember much about that either. Oops!”

All joking aside, though, from what did stick with Avril about the wedding, it sounds like it was a pretty nice way to celebrate their love, especially for their friends and family, who were treated like kings and queens that week.

“Everyone got to town, we had a bachelor/bachelorette party on an island,” Avril shared. “We were late. We slept ‘til five that day, and then we had to take a boat … we went all out and wanted the family to have a good time. And then the next day was the rehearsal dinner at the castle, and the following day was the wedding. And everything started really late in the evening.”

We love how Avril says “at the castle” so casually, by the way. Don’t mind us, we will just be at the castle.

Since Avril and Chad are often on the road and in two different places, how do they trust each other when they go for long periods of time without seeing each other? A “no partying without each other” rule.

“We don’t really party when we’re away from each other,” Avril revealed. “I’m off in one country, and he’s somewhere else, and it’s like, different time zones. We wanna cherish it and take good care of it, so we have to be responsible at some point.”

And although Avril partied hard at her wedding, when Chad’s not around, she only orders non-alcoholic beer to respect their rule, even though “it doesn’t taste very good.” Aww, true love.

Source: E! Online