Azealia Banks Puts an End to T.I. Twitter Feud: “This Isn’t Even Interesting Anymore”
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Azealia Banks Puts an End to T.I. Twitter Feud: “This Isn’t Even Interesting Anymore”

Phew, it’s finally over. The incredibly uncomfortable Twitter war that’s been going down between rappers Azealia Banks and T.I. seemed to be on a never-ending cycle of tit-for-tat, with each progressive diss getting nastier and nastier. But it would appear Azealia was as sick of the drama as we were, as she took to the social media site to end it all this week. And let’s be real, she started it all so shouldn’t she be the one to put it to rest?

If you didn’t follow the entire sordid ordeal, we’ll wrap things up in a few sentences for ya. First, Azaelia, who has a longstanding feud with T.I. and his collaborator Iggy Azalea, shaded their new track “No Mediocre” by tweeting, “U want no mediocre but… have you seen your wife?” Yea, low blow. The Atlanta rapper, who’s married to Xscape alum Tiny Harris, did not take too kindly to that and what resulted was a back-and-forth that included more four letter words and repulsive imagery than needs to be repeated.

So after all of that, the 23-year-old Azealia took to Twitter this week to squash the beef — but not without adding one final dig.

“Alright. @Tip it's over. This isn't even interesting anymore. Don't let Tmz and Vh1 gass u up. Cause your NOT going to do anything,” Azealia wrote. Of course he’s not going to, girl… that would be a career-killer.

Anyway, as of the moment, T.I. still has yet to respond to his female foe’s (sort of?) white flag. She probably shouldn’t hold her breath, though, because he’s super busy promoting his newly released video with Iggy, and likely doesn’t have time for the little things, like Twitter peace conferences. Ah well, water under the bridge, right?

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