Babies Face Off in Japanese “Crying Game”  — Watch It Happen! (VIDEO)
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Babies Face Off in Japanese “Crying Game” — Watch It Happen! (VIDEO)

Good news, moms! It turns out your child’s piercing cry just might be beneficial to you — and by beneficial we mean, it could help protect you from less than friendly spirits. Yes, we’re being serious.

NBC News reports that a wailing baby “contest” — which includes over 800 babies — takes place every year on the island of Hiroshima. The point behind the event is that the cries of a baby help ward off evil spirits.

In this video, an older man dressed in what looks like a ceremonial hat and robes, wields a large pole and screams at two babies. The little tots are also dolled up in colorful garb, while they sit on pillows facing each other.

As the older man attempts to scare the babies, some either start to cry or just blink in awe (rightfully so). In the end, whoever wails the loudest, wins! Once the winner is declared, a new baby is then brought out so as to continue the game.

The event actually draws a serious crowd, which gathers around to take photos and video. Yet, while the adults find a thrill in the “games”, we have to admit that some of the kids seem to be mildly confused, and quite frankly a little freaked out by the entire proceeding.

We’re not sure about evil spirits, but we don’t know many people who’d want to go near all that baby crying. In fact, it’s bringing back some pretty stressful memories for us!

What do you think about these “crying games”? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: NBC News

05.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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