Leah Messer’s Baby Adalynn Starts Walking!
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Leah Messer

Leah Messer’s Baby Adalynn Starts Walking!

It seems like just yesterday that Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer was wandering around West Virginia with a giant baby bump and a inexplicable mass of purple hair atop her head. Sigh, memories! Amazingly, Leah gave birth to her third daughter, Adalynn, almost a year ago, and this little lady has been growing and changing before our very eyes. You know, on Twitter.

Leah Messer’s Baby Adalynn Starts Walking!
Credit: Twitter    

Leah's fleet of faithful fans finally got to see Addy make her televised debut during Teen Mom 2's Season 5 premiere, but she's grown up a lot since the episode was filmed about six months ago. Not only is Addy gearing up for her first birthday on February 4, she just started walking!

Leah broke the news about Addy's biggest milestone to none other than Jenelle Evans, who took it to Twitter to say that she can't wait to meet this sweetheart during an upcoming trip to Los Angeles.

"I'm excited," Leah responded. "And I know she's such a chunk and she's walking!"

Um, clearly Addy is advanced, gifted, a genius, and our future president. Most babies start taking their first steps between 9-12 months of age, but if Addy is already cruising around like a pro, she's definitely ahead of the curve!

Can you believe that Leah's daughter is almost a year old and toddling around the house? Weigh in below and tell us what you think about this huge milestone!