Christina Aguilera’s Baby Bump Looks Further Along Than We Thought! (PHOTO)
Credit: Christina Aguilera on Twitter    

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s Baby Bump Looks Further Along Than We Thought! (PHOTO)

Whoa mama!

Christina Aguilera just shared an adorable pic alongside her fiancé, Matt Rutler, and we can’t help but notice her growing baby bump! Xtina announced her pregnancy via her rep in late February, and while she gave no indication of when her due date might be, we speculated she must be about 12 weeks along.

However, this pic makes us think she might be further along than we once suspected. Being so petite to begin with makes it a little difficult to gauge, but she definitely looks to be well into her second trimester. It’s times like these we wish there was such a thing as a “baby bump expert” whom we could consult on such pressing matters.

Anyway, if we had to guess (okay, we do have to guess), we’d say Christina will probably deliver sometime this summer, meaning she could return to The Voice for Season 7 without fear of her water breaking on set. But the question is, will she want to rush back to work or spend some quality time with her family?

One thing we don’t have to speculate on is how happy Christina is these days. This picture makes it pretty clear that she’s totally blissed out. With a wedding in her future and a baby on the way, we can’t say we blame her.

Source: Christina Aguilera on Twitter