Baby Bump Watch: Check Out Mackenzie Douthit’s Growing Belly!
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Baby Bump Watch: Check Out Mackenzie Douthit’s Growing Belly!

Is it just us, or are all the ladies in Teen Mom World pregnant? These ladies are totally obsessed with being preggers, and the latest mommy to bake a bun in her oven? Teen Mom 3's resident Southern belle, Mackenzie Douthit.

Mackenzie is well into her second trimester, and she's finally sporting a pretty big baby bump. Check out this recent picture of homegirl shopping at a local fast food restaurant –– her belly is huge! This bump definitely came out of nowhere, and Mackenzie looks nothing short of adorable with it.

In case you aren't in the know, girlfriend's pregnant with a baby girl, and we can't wait for this little miss to make her grand debut in just a few more months. Mackenzie's due date is sometime around February 24 (give or take a few days), and she and Josh are beyond excited. Of course, Mackenzie's pregnancy has been far from smooth sailing. This gal suffers from Type 1 diabetes, and she's already been hospitalized for blood sugar issues! And don't even get us started on her terrifying insulin shots….

Here's to hoping that our favorite backwoods babe remains healthy for the remainder of her gestation, and that her daughter arrives safe, sound, and wearing spurs.