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Which Baby CW Star Looks Smashing In a Suit? (PHOTO)

It's easy to picture this handsome little kid growing up into the CW Network mega-cutie he is today! We're losing it over that perfect side part, smart jacket, and adorable smile. This is truly what Throwback Thursday is all about!

While he looks like a sweetheart in this photo, the character he's best-known for playing is kind of the opposite… although, being basically a decent individual, he's certainly not the most evil being on his show's roster.

Need a bigger hint? His current role, while his biggest one to date, is not his first time on the CW merry-go-round! Back in 2008, he had a recurring role in a much less supernatural CW drama than his current gig, guest starring as a bad boy love interest for three episodes. If only we could strike up a conversation in detention with this guy! Swoon.

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