Guess Who?

This Baby Log Lady Grew Up to Be a Super-Hot TV Star! Who Is She? (PHOTO)

Is that log trying to tell us something? We're not sure if this TV actress was carrying that log around to be helpful or for fun, but either way, she looks adorable doing it. All bundled up in a fuzzy winter ensemble, she's probably on her way to help start a cozy fire.

While she seems like a sweetheart in this photo, this actress, now 27, has a reputation for playing anything but. She nabbed her first television role in 2000, playing a 13-year-old girl who's oddly wealthy for someone her age (she sends her publicist a $200 bottle of champagne). Now, she plays a super-sarcastic, 20-something main character of a popular sitcom.

Not getting it? Here's a bigger hint: While her characters tend to be in-your-face, she works in all kinds of genres. She provides voices for the likes of Robot Chicken and American Dad, but still holds down a regular gig as a mid-level character in a Marvel movie franchise.

Got it all figured out? Click through for the reveal!

04.30.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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