Baby Moved to Tears By Mother’s Singing! (VIDEO)

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Baby Moved to Tears By Mother’s Singing! (VIDEO)

In the mood to weep soft tears of joy? Well, the adorable baby known as Mary Lynne Leroux is right there with you. This sweet 10-month-old has become a viral sensation thanks to a video of her reaction to her mother singing "My Heart Can't Tell You No," and she's pretty much slaying us with her cuteness.

Here's what goes down in the video: As her mom, Amanda, sings off camera, little Mary's eyes well-up with tears and she starts crying. And then we start crying. By which we mean ugly-crying.

It's hard to tell whether this wee little one is having an emotional response to her mom's beautiful voice, or whether she just doesn't like her mom's dulcet tones — but one thing's for sure. Mary was moved to tears by Amanda's rendition of the song, which is completely amazing! We have a feeling that this youngin' will grow up to be all kinds of emo, so Amanda should probably invest in several moleskin journals and some Converse sneakers...

Have you ever seen a baby react in such an emotional way to the sound of their parents' voices? Hit the comments and tell us whether you think little Mary is overcome with feels, or if she's welling-up because she doesn't like her mom's singing. Either way, this video is completely priceless!

Source: The Huffington Post

10.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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