Bachelor 18’s Sharleen Joynt Not a Fan of Chris Soules’s Grand Romantic Gestures
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Bachelor 18’s Sharleen Joynt Not a Fan of Chris Soules’s Grand Romantic Gestures

On the Hometown Dates episode of Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, farmer Chris Soules pulled out the heavy machinery — aka giant tractor and a crop duster, the latter of which was used for towing a sign behind it that read “Chris loves Andi.” While some of America went awww and called it a power move, The Bachelor Season 18’s Sharleen Joynt wasn't as impressed.

In her blog, the opera singer weighed in on Chris's grand display of affection, writing, “Ummm. Okay, fine. It’s cute. A nice gesture. But the cheese factor of that line (Chris says, ‘this love is beginning to take off’) combined with this being the way he’s telling her he ‘loves’ her for the first time, is just not authentic to me.” Something tells us that those C.Soules fans won't agree.

We kinda get what she’s saying (cue our inbox filling up with hate mail). Relying on gestures rather than real connection isn’t usually what real love is all about, and despite how adorable Chris is, we haven’t heard him and Andi get all that deep with their conversation. “We both like corn” does not a marriage make.

Sharleen continues, “I think his approach to courting is too exaggerated and grand gesture-focused for my liking...I think it’s what a guy could think is the right way to make a romantic gesture, but who misses the jokes and fumbles with knowing when to make a move...It reminds me a bit of the dismal Secret Admirer gimmick; it’s all a bit misguided and over-the-top.”

Note to every man out there interested in Sharleen: DO NOT ask her out via jumbotron or heart conversation candies.

While Shar-bear didn’t care for Chris’s gestures, Andi apparently took a liking to the Midwestern boy’s romancing. She kept him over Marcus Grodd at the Episode 8 Rose Ceremony, meaning Chris and his Velveeta are heading to the Dominican Republic for Fantasy Suite dates. We wonder if he’s packing the queso along with his swimwear. Fingers crossed.

What do you think of Chris’s gestures — romantic or cheesy?

Source: Sharleen’s blog