Who Else Was In the Running For Bachelor 2014? Chris Harrison Says…
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Who Else Was In the Running For Bachelor 2014? Chris Harrison Says…

Our ovaries are still doing backflips in celebration of Juan Pablo Galavis taking the Bachelor throne (his season will air on ABC in January 2014!), but this Venezuelan hottie wasn't the only cast-off from Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette who was in the running.

Apparently, Des' final contenders were vetted by Chris Harrison and his cronies, but none of them were quite up to snuff. "Zak [Waddell] was in there. Drew [Kenney] was in there. Brooks [Forester] was in there. They really were all on the table," Chris told E! Online during a recent “polygraph test” (so many truth bombs). "I thought Drew would have been a great candidate just because he's such a nice, nice, man. The way he takes care of his family and all of that. But Juan Pablo may have been the easiest decision we've ever had."

So, why was Juan Pablo the obvious choice? Because of his supernatural sexiness, duh. "We've never had anyone leave so early and be such an overwhelming choice," Chris continued. "I can only equate it to how people reacted to The Beatles. We made a mistake not showing the audience during the reveal."

Hear that, Beatles? You can go ahead and step to the left, because Juan Pablo is in the house. Of course, many fans were shocked that The Bachelorette's resident heartbreaker, Brooks Forester, didn't nab the coveted role of ABC's next Bachelor. "We did talk about Brooks," Chris explained. "It would have been a hard sell. He's not ready. He's just not comfortable. There were a lot of red flags with him."

Red flags like the fact that Brooks literally can't play sports without injuring his fing-fings? Or the fact that he can't get through a simple breakup without spiraling into tears? Either way, we're thrilled that ABC selected Juan Pablo as their main man –– his season is going to be amazing!

Source: E! Online

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