When Does The Bachelor 2014 With Juan Pablo Galavis Premiere?
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When Does The Bachelor 2014 With Juan Pablo Galavis Premiere?

UPDATE (1/3/14): Y'all ready for this? The Bachelor with Juan Pablo Galavis starts this weekend, on Sunday, January 5, and continues with the premiere on Monday, January 6. The first part, on Sunday, is a "Countdown to Juan Pablo" special, as part of their "Juan-uary" Sunday programming that's taking over our weekend television viewing fun. In it, we'll see a little about the new Bachelor, his family, and likely some surprise greetings from Chris Harrison telling several of the girls they've been chosen for the show.

On Monday, it's back to business with the traditional premiere set up. We will meet more of the ladies pursuing love with Juan Pablo, hear more about why he's chosen to be on the show, and watch him meet his cast of 27 beautiful babes. Sadly, we'll cap the episode with a bunch of eliminations at the first Rose Ceremony, preparing our bodies and minds for the journey that lies ahead. Can't wait? Check out our Bachelor spoilers, rank your favorite ladies, and tell us all your thoughts in the comments below.

The Bachelorette 2013 ended, like, five seconds ago and already we're like "Wait, what happened? Who cares! It's Juan Pablo Galavis for Bachelor 2014!!!!

Basically, we couldn't be more stoked to watch the Venezuelan soccer stud wade through his field of six thousand girls (well, likely 25), to find a stepmother for daughter Camila. And since it's only 154 days until The Bachelor Season 18 premieres, we're... dying inside. How are we supposed to wait???

Well, at the very least, Robert Mills announced on Twitter that the next season of The Bachelor will premiere on January 6, 2014. He tweeted after Desiree Hartsock's emotional season finale, "Well that's a wrap on this season! Thank you #Bachelornation from the bottom of our hearts. See you January 6th."

You hear that, women of America (and beyond)? Juan Pablo is going to be on our television weekly starting in less (okay, barely) than half a year. And while that seems like a long time to wait, we'll take it. Now the real question, obviously, is how do we get in the pool?

Oh, yeah, and when does the show start filming? Season 17 Episode 1 with Sean Lowe began filming on September 25, 2012, with the Bachelor announced the day before. So, why doesn't Juan Pablo's season start airing early as well? Well, because the gods are not with us. See ya later, we're off to the gym!

Source: Robert Mills on Twitter

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