Bachelor 2015: Does Marquel Martin Have a Shot at the Title?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor 2015: Does Marquel Martin Have a Shot at the Title?

So ABC is in a bit of a tight spot for te upcoming Season 19 of The Bachelor — after the semi-disaster of Juan Pablo Galavis, they really need a win with their Bachelor 2015 pick. Lucky for them, the public has offered up a truly viable candidate in Andi Dorfman’s Episode 5 cast-off, Marquel Martin. Or as Twittersphere says, #MarquelForBachelor.

The man we so lovingly dubbed Prints Charming has a few things going against him, though. For one, we happen to know (spoiler alert!) that he’s a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise this summer — not the best way to prove your romantic intentions. Plus, there’s buzz on the interwebs that this guy (click at your own risk) is the network’s first choice. But we had to ask Viggle LIVE! users anyway if they thought the handsome sponsorship salesman might still squeak in with the steal.

The results were fairly split, though sadly for us the naysayers came out on top. The (slight) majority of users — 57 percent — dubbed his chances as “doubtful,” though in our humble opinions they got it all wrong. On the other hand, 43 percent are much more optimistic, and we have to count ourselves among those folks.

In other words, not all hope is lost! From what we hear, Bachelor in Paradise is almost done filming anyway (if Marquel is even still there — go here if you want to find that out). Plus, maybe the execs have seen the benefits of finally allowing a minority to take the lead role. However, ABC did let us have our fan fave as Bachelor with Juanny Pabs, and look how that turned out…

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