The Bachelor 2015: Are Producers Letting Bachelor Nation Pick the Lead?
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor 2015: Are Producers Letting Bachelor Nation Pick the Lead?

We don’t know about you, but when Michelle Money put Chris Harrison on the spot during the Bachelorette “After the Final Rose” special, asking whether we’d find out who will be Bachelor 2015, we let out a giant “THANK YOU!” That Michelle’s always got our backs. Sadly, the answer from the host was a resounding “not right now.” WHOMP WHOMP.

Though the show often announces the next lead during the post-finale special, it looks like producers are having a tough time this year picking out the perfect man. We’d heard already that Andi’s handsome farmer friend Chris Soules was in the running, but then kissing bandit Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (of Emily Maynard wooing fame) swooped in as a dark horse contender. Alas, no one could determine in time for the July 28 episode whether a Midwestern land baron or a Nascar legacy was hotter.

Now, it appears that franchise creator Mike Fleiss, along with the rest of the production team, is outsourcing the casting decision to Bachelor Nation (that’s us, you guys!).

“Tallying the votes. Some for Chris, some for marquel, some for Chris Harrison... Where are the Arie supporters???” the executive producer tweeted. Needless to say, he got a lot of positive response for Arie after that tweet (including one particularly strong “yes” from Sean Lowe).

Mike also revealed that “This is the toughest choice we've had to make. Multiple qualified dudes…” and called out to fans to “Give me 2 reasons why we should choose your favorite guy... Need your help, #BachelorNation !”

This is your time to shine, people! Whether you want Marquel Martin, Chris Soules, Arie, Chris Harrison, whoever, send them your vote!

Source: Mike Fleiss on Twitter