JJ Lane Trying to Hook Up With Ben Higgins’ ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Finalist
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The Bachelor

JJ Lane Trying to Hook Up With Ben Higgins’ ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Finalist


It’s been said this current Bachelor 2016 season has some of the best-looking contestants in recent history, and it seems like many a Bachelor Nation-er agrees!

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First, we got wind two-time Bachelorette star Nick Viall had his sights set on Ben Higgins’s current runner-up. And now? His pal and former co-star JJ Lane has professed his interest in another Season 20 finalist!

The Bachelor in Paradise hunk and former “villain” was asked in an interview this week if he’d return for Season 3 of the summer spin-off, and he’s not against it — as long as Amanda Stanton’s there!

Amanda Stanton
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“I want to know that girl,” JJ told New York Post of the mother-of-two. “I would go only for one reason. I would walk the f—k away if Amanda wasn’t there.”

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Woah, what an interesting match that would make! Though we guess the single parents thing would be a great common thread to build upon. Then again, there’s also a distance issue, with Amanda living in Cali and JJ in Denver, but people can move, right?

If things don’t work out there, however, something tells us the man who once said “Villains Gotta Vill” will do just fine for himself in the dating pool as he says his stint on the show has helped him “get laid off perception.”

It probably also helps having NFL player friends like Denver Broncos Owen Daniels and Brandon McManus.

Super Bowl bound!

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“I’ll go out with my buddies who are successful … and people are like, ‘JJ! Oh my gosh, can I take a picture?’” he detailed. “Like, sure, you can take a picture, but this guy won the Super Bowl.”

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And don’t worry — JJ’s interest in Amanda hasn’t hurt his friendship with Ben, whom he referred to as the Best Bachelor Ever.

“Ben is the only Bachelor in my opinion that I feel is truly trying to find a wife,” he gushed. “And he trusts the process. If you’re in that process, and you’re exposed to those girls over a certain period of time, you’re going to fall in love 100 percent.”