‘Bachelor’ 2016’s Ben Higgins: Lauren B. Wasn’t the Only One I Cared About
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‘Bachelor’ 2016’s Ben Higgins: Lauren B. Wasn’t the Only One I Cared About


Ben Higgins may be obviously into Bachelor 2016’s Lauren Bushnell, but you better not call her his favorite!

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In the February 8 episode, Bachelor Nation watched as Ben’s remaining contestants crumbled under the building pressure. And the tension was never higher than during the group date, when the women made a fuss over Lauren B. getting all the attention.

The 26-year-old bachelor makes a point to touch on that in his weekly post-episode blog, and he’s insisting he did not give the flight attendant more of his time than the rest of the ladies.

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins
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“I heard there was some rumor going around that I had supposedly told Lauren B. that she was the only one I cared about,” he writes in the post on People. “As lovely as Lauren B. is, that was definitely not true.”

In fact, the Indiana native only realized the issue later on when the rumors got back to him.

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“I started trying to figure out what was going on and my conversations with Becca and JoJo, and I could tell from those that it had something to do with me giving too much attention to Lauren B,” he continues.

“I was confused, though, since I really hadn't spent that much time with her that day. And definitely not more than anyone else.”

Ben insists he was “conscious” of everyone's feelings on the date, trying to make sure he wasn’t leaving anyone out — to no avail. In fact, he says all of the women were upset with him except Lauren B.!

He also stands by his choice to confront Lauren about the things Leah Block said about her, namely that she was two-faced with the girls and Ben.

“If I learned one thing from Mexico City with Olivia, it was that I needed to address this head-on,” he explains.

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Luckily, her “bewildered” response was all he needed, as he says, “I would react the same way and that meant something to me.”

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