Ben Higgins Breaks Down Sending Jubilee Home on ‘Bachelor’ 2016 (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Ben Higgins Breaks Down Sending Jubilee Home on ‘Bachelor’ 2016 (VIDEO)


We knew it was going to happen, but that didn’t make Jubilee Sharpe’s inevitable break down on tonight’s Bachelor 2016 any better.

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Or, for that matter, Ben Higgins’s own tears!

It all started during the group date, when Jubilee began crumbling under the pressure of competition. Instead of channeling that into her passion for Ben, the self-professed “insecure” gal took it out on Ben.

“I just don’t feel like this means anything because you wanted to kiss everybody,” she sassed him after he told her “I love you” during the Spanish lesson.

She then vented in her confessional, “I wish I was able to be the first one to fight for his time and ask for his attention. It’s hard sometimes it’s like, ‘Do you even notice me or know that I exist?’”

And then, in easily the most heartbreaking of comments, she said, “I know that I’m not Lauren B. or Becca or Olivia, but I’m Jubilee and I’m still here.” Aww!

All of that self-consciousness unfortunately came off as rude when the army vet wouldn’t take Ben’s hand during the cocktail party, and immediately turned him off.

What followed was pretty rough: The Florida gal begged her beau “not to give up” on her, but he couldn’t get past it.

“As hard as it is in all of this — and I know it’s not easy,” he started, choosing his words wisely, “And as incredible as the moments have been with you, it would be unfair to you right now, with what’s happened and how things have progressed with other relationships — it would be unfair of me to tell you that I thought something could exist.”

Damn! It’s tough to watch Ben sending a great girl home. She can cook, play the cello, and protect our country — talk about a catch!

But it’s even harder to see her be blindsided and watch both parties cry over the breakup. Who knew we’d be so emotional this early in the season?

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Don’t let this cause you to shut down in the future, Jubilee! It’s not worth it!

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