Ben Higgins Responds to Super Sexist Comment Made on ‘Bachelor 2016’ (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Ben Higgins Responds to Super Sexist Comment Made on ‘Bachelor 2016’ (VIDEO)


The views expressed by guest stars on Bachelor 2016 don’t always reflect Ben Higgins’s own.

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That’s something we learned last night after Episode 5 featured a fairly sexist comment about women and marriage — an issue with which the ABC franchise is relatively familiar.

During the group date in Mexico City,  nine of the remaining contestants competed in a cooking competition, judged by famous Mexican chefs and spouses Lula Martin Del Campo and Nicolas Martin Del Campo.

It was the couple themselves who made the offending statement, but the cast repeated it multiple times afterward:

“If you know how to cook, you’re ready to get married,” they stated.

Um, what?! Did we just travel back to the ‘50s? Why not tell the ladies to practice their ironing and vacuuming in heels, as well?

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Though we never heard Ben’s thoughts on this idea during the episode itself, we were happy when the cast of TV Land’s Teachers called into the Bachelor Live after show to ask his thoughts.

“We feel like there are a lot of women out there with microwave meals who might be really pissed,” they quipped.

Luckily — so we can still love him! — the Bachelor seemed just as bothered by that comment as the fans.

“I thought that was a very aggressive statement by the chefs in Mexico City,” the 26-year-old hunk replied. “I love to cook [but] I don’t think it has to be a woman’s ready for marriage if she knows how to cook. It’s fun to do together! I think maybe that was their point?”

He concluded, “But it was a pretty aggressive statement, one that I don’t know if I’d jump on board with.”

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Yay Ben! Thank you for clarifying that for Bachelor Nation — it needed to be said! Now if only you could help them do away with some of the show’s other glaring issues…

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.