Jade Roper “Disappointed” in Nick Viall Over Elizabeth Sandoz Wedding Hookup!
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Jade Roper “Disappointed” in Nick Viall Over Elizabeth Sandoz Wedding Hookup!


There’s two sides to every story.

We heard Nick Viall’s side of his pre-Bachelor 2017 one night stand with contestant Elizabeth Sandoz during Monday night’s premiere.

Now, Liz’s friend and franchise alum Jade Roper is speaking out on behalf of her BFF, and she has a somewhat different tale to tell.

In the first episode of Season 21, we saw as Nick took the Vegas-based gal to task for rejecting  his advances after they hooked up at the Janner wedding last year.

The way the 36-year-old hunk sees it, it’s confusing for her to join the show after she’d refused to give him her number after their tryst — and failed to contact him in the many months following.

However, that’s not a fair explanation of the situation, says Jade.

“I've heard a little bit and I know the whole situation is awkward, but I'll say I'm a little disappointed,” the Bachelor in Paradise 2 star tells ETOnline.com.

She continues, “He could've gotten her number, too.”

The 30-year-old also reveals Liz actually did make a few attempts to reignite the flame after the wedding.

Tanner Tolbert’s wife details, "She didn't really think about him 'til a couple months later. She tried to invite him to charity events, but he rejected [her invitations]."

My sister from another mister. @esandoz #bestfriendssincekindergarten

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Interesting! Surprisingly, though the Bachelor rebuffed her pal at the time, the Kansas City-based gal still supported her joining the show.

“I kind of tried to prep her for it and I'm proud of her for doing it. I feel like it's really brave," she recalls.

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“She really did have an interest in Nick and she went there to see if there was anything and I totally support her.”

That’s not the only support Jade gave the doula; she also defended her against Twitter trolls during Monday’s ep.

“More power to her. Ain't no shame girl, do your thing,” she wrote in response to those questioning her friend’s motives on the series.

Not only that, she also teased “several” other hookups that happened at the wedding between franchise stars.