Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelor’ Hometown Date Got Real About Race
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The Bachelor

Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelor’ Hometown Date Got Real About Race


We never thought we’d see the day where the Bachelor franchise discussed race so openly!

If there were ever a time to start doing so, it would be the week after Rachel Lindsay was announced as the first black Bachelorette star — and it all went down on her Hometown Date.

The 31-year-old took Nick Viall to her home base in Dallas on the February 20 episode, and things kicked off with him gushing about their “explosive chemistry.”

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But would that be enough for them to overcome their differing backgrounds?

The topic first came up when Rachel brought the Bachelor to her “predominantly black church,” and she wondered aloud if he would be “comfortable.”

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The 36-year-old hunk seemed to handle it in stride, admitting that while “this is a little bit different than my church at home,” he was having a good time.

Still, the accomplished attorney proved she is going to be an excellent Bachelorette by broaching the elephant in the room.

“As an interracial couple, everytime we go out are we going to fixate that we’re the only interracial couple? No,” she started to the cameras.

We then saw her tell Nick, “Everyone else may make this an issue, but for you it doesn’t really matter and for me it doesn’t matter, and that’s all that matters to me.”

Her sister Constance wasn’t as convinced on that, though.

After meeting him at the family’s home, Constance admitted in her interview, “Right now, in this climate that we’re in, I feel like we’ve seen more racism come out.

She continued, “He does need to be more aware — it’s not just something you can hide and ignore and can live in your bubble. You have to know how you’re going to navigate that path in a relationship.”

She was speaking from experience.

Constance is actually married to a white man, Rachel’s brother-in-law Alex, and it was interesting to see him bring that conversation up with the couple.

“I can’t help but notice, you are a white,” Alex quipped to the Wisconsin native, before grilling him on his dating history.

Nick allowed that it was the first serious relationship he’s had with a black woman, though he emphasized, as he later did with Rachel’s mom, he doesn’t see color with her.

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Speaking of Mrs. Lindsay, she also stressed that while “it’s about you two,” eventually “society comes in.”

“It’s sad that we have to talk about it,” she said, later adding, “I’ve always tried to raise my children to see people for who they are not how they look.”

It’s great to see the show not dance around the subject for the first time, and we’re hoping this type of open discussion continues on Bachelorette Season 13. It’s 2017, after all!

The Bachelor Season 21 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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