Details on Vanessa Grimaldi and Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Fight
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Details on Vanessa Grimaldi and Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Fight


The Bachelor 2017 editors cut a lot out of Nick Viall’s season — and not just to make more time for Corinne Olympios’s antics.

One of the things we’d heard was left on the cutting room floor was a fight between two people who would surprise most fans: Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi.

The fan favorites apparently had issues all season long, which came to a head while the group was in the Bahamas, Reality Steve reports.

We obviously never saw that, but that episode did chop up the volleyball date and Kristina Schulman’s exit pretty awkwardly, making it clear something was missing. But not any longer!

The truth has come out about what went so wrong between the now-Bachelorette and the special education teacher, via Reality Steve himself. Prepare yourselves, folks!

It all comes down to Vanessa’s reported habit of acting friendly with many of the girls in the house to their faces, only to turn around and attempt to sabotage their relationships with Nick.

One example was with Danielle Lombard, who believed the Canadian gal to be her pal. Instead, Steve says Vanessa used her alone time with the Bachelor on a group date to “warn” him that Danielle wasn’t the right pick for him.

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The 29-year-old is also said to have turned on Taylor Nolan when she was no longer popular in the house, as well as Sarah Vendal. Insiders say she was often manipulative, particularly with those she viewed as a threat.

Because of this, Rachel tried to keep her distance — but Vanessa wouldn’t let her.

Instead, the brunette beauty confronted the Dallas gal in Bimini, asking why she wasn’t being “real” with her, and claiming she felt ignored by her during group hangouts.

#thebachelor in Bimini!

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Though the lawyer insisted she didn’t have a problem, she admitted to taking some space because of Vanessa’s track record with other women.

Interestingly, instead of taking that criticism to heart, the Montreal native told Nick how Rachel felt about her, which was the final straw.

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It’s not clear how the women left things, though Vanessa did wish her foe congratulations on Twitter when she snagged the Bachelorette 2017 gig.

Then again, Steve says this is just another example of her putting on a good face; there’s no relationship between them currently.

Plus, the other contestants appear to have chosen sides!

If you go through their social media activity, you can see most of the cast are cool with Rachel, though a select crew are Team Vanessa: Danielle Maltby, Taylor Nolan, and Kristina Schulman.

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Just goes to show, there’s always more to a person than what you see on TV!

The Bachelor Season 21 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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