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Bachelor Alumni: Why We’d Be Perfect for Bachelor Pad 2

Hey, remember the Bachelor reunions ABC held recently in New York and L.A.? They weren't just for fun and games. Actually, they kinda were, but for a different game — Bachelor Pad 2. It wasn’t the only reason for the bi-coastal parties, but the producers took the opportunity to scope out new/old talent.

TV Guide interviewed some Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni, asking them if they'd want to do BP and, if so, why they would be good for the show.

Bachelor Alumni: Why We’d Be Perfect for Bachelor Pad 2
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Kasey Kahl says he's "perfect" for Bachelor Pad 2 because he's an entertainer. He adds more, but who can understand him when he hits verbal hyper-speed?

Craig Robinson says he'd be good for the show because he's always going to be himself no matter what and he's a pretty entertaining guy.

Erica Rose says she should be on BP 2 because she's still single and she's entertaining. Fair enough.

Ty Brown has nothing interesting to say about it, so even though he's a cool guy, ABC should probably pass. Sorry, man.

Rozlyn Papa says she was asked to do Bachelor Pad last time, but "the wounds were a little raw." Now that she's had a chance to cool down, she'd consider it. ABC, this is a solid yes. Rozlyn and Chris Harrison need to finish their smackdown.

Justin Rego would do Bachelor Pad, because he could show a more "realistic" side of himself to viewers. Plus, his leg has probably healed now, yes?

And despite adding him to our ah-may-zing dream cast for Bachelor Pad 2, Chris Lambton is just not having it. "I'm not doing The Bachelor. I wouldn't do the Bachelor Pad. I wouldn't do Bachelor Pad 2." Wah!

On the flip side, Bachelor Pad veteran Jessie Sulidis would do it all over again. Hey, she's already the only person to appear on all three franchise shows, so why not put her on another one?

Nikki Kaapke doesn't seem sure whether she'd do BP again — at first. After about five seconds of deliberation, she convinces herself she’s ready. (As long as they don't bring back Juan... )

Gia Allemand isn't sure she'd do BP again. But if she did, she would change up her strategy. "I would listen to what everybody tells me about people, and when they say the person's a jerk, [I'd] believe them." Another Wes Hayden burn for the list!

What do you think? Do you want to see any of these people again?

Source: TV Guide

03.5.2011 / 12:13 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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