Ben Higgins on Turning Down ‘DWTS’: I Don’t Want to “Chase Fame”
Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Ben Higgins on Turning Down ‘DWTS’: I Don’t Want to “Chase Fame”


After seeing some of his sweet moves at the Janner wedding last month, we were a bit disappointed when Ben Higgins wasn’t announced on the Dancing With the Stars Season 22 cast.

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Our disappointment quickly disappeared, however, when the Bachelor 2016 star revealed this week the real reason he isn’t bringing his signature charm to the dance floor.

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“That show’s great but it’s nice to be with [new fiancée Lauren Bushnell],” Ben explained at AOL Build. “I want to make sure that’s happening right now and not getting our whole lives super busy again.

He also admitted, “The one thing I don’t want out of this is to chase fame, I guess, if you want to say that.”

But before you freak out and assume this is the last time you'll see the 26-year-old hunk and Lauren on your TV screens, the couple is “open to opportunities.” They’re just being cautious.

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins proposal
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“I think our main goal — and I guess that’s why some opportunities we haven’t accepted right now — is to concentrate on us,” he reasoned. “This is a great thing and I don’t want to continue to chase these things and forget that this is the most important.”

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Working on their relationship includes Lauren moving to Ben’s adopted hometown of Denver, Colorado. Once settled there, the 25-year-old plans to go back to work as a flight attendant.

“The beauty of my job is the flexibility, so you can kind of work as much and as little as you want,” she shared. “The plan is to go back to flying. It’s a job I really, really like and it’s flexible — I can move to Denver and commute to Seattle. I’m excited for our normal lives to start back up.”

That normalcy also extends to her future hubby, who (as fans know) works as a software sales rep for Talisys, a company he’s been employed with since he graduated college. In fact, the Midwestern hunk said with a laugh he’s been working “off-and-on” over the last few months “to keep insurance.” Stars, they’re just like us!

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The final piece in the puzzle for the Portland gal will be a dog — though her “perfect 10” fiancé may put the kibosh on that.

“We’re gone a lot right now,” Ben replied, before adding, “I want a dog, just to be clear!”