Jillian Harris: “I Don’t See a Forever” With Juan Pablo’s Girls! Exclusive
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Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris: “I Don’t See a Forever” With Juan Pablo’s Girls! Exclusive

Editor’s Note: Wetpaint Entertainment asked Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris for her take on Season 18 of The Bachelor starring Juan Pablo Galavis. For fans who remember, Jilly ended up finishing third on Season 13 of The Bachelor with Jason Mesnick before being cast the following season. She and serious boyfriend Justin Pasutto recently met up with Juan Pablo in his Florida hometown, giving her personal perspective on the man who has become a mystery to many of his fans.

Check out what Jillian had to say and then weigh in on whether she cleared some stuff up for you! Now, here’s Jilly!

Jillian Harris: “I Don’t See a Forever” With Juan Pablo’s Girls! Exclusive
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After spending some time with Juan, I think he is just a unique character — which is a good thing. Being different is what makes the world go round. It doesn’t mean he is an awful or bad person! I think he just marches to the beat of his own drum, which might come off as selfish. I know a lot of men like that… not every person is able to communicate or navigate their feelings in this kind of environment. No dis to Ed [Swiderski] (my ex, yes), but i think he would be the same if he were the Bachelor. I don’t think Ed is an awful person — he just needs someone who is a good fit for him, not someone the rest of society thinks is a good fit.

Justin and I had fun with Juan, so it’s hard for me to wrap my head around all of this. I am also very sensitive to what is going on right now because I remember, when I was at this stage of the game, there were a lot of nasty things said about me and assumptions that hurt my feelings. Despite having “signed up for something like this,” nothing can prepare someone’s heart for the hurt that comes with the backlash and opinions of the world, and for every 99 good things people say, that one comment will sit inside of you and eat you up. So, I am going to put myself in his shoes and reserve judgment.

However saying all of that. I did find his behavior on the show a bit perplexing… but remember there is a lot we don’t see. And, if he truly believes in being honest, and he is connecting with someone more — say Nikki [Ferrell] — it might be hard for him to have the same kind of conversation with another girl.

Jillian Harris: “I Don’t See a Forever” With Juan Pablo’s Girls! Exclusive
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All of that aside, if Andi [Dorfman] felt the way she felt, I am so proud of her for realizing her feelings and being able to act on them and voice them. Speaking from personal experience, in that kind of environment when there is so much going on it is very hard to change the course and act on your feelings, or even feel them at all, if they are anything but what you traditionally see on the show. I feel like she was very brave and very emotionally intelligent for doing what she did, and although maybe she took it a bit too far, I like that she continued to try to explain herself instead of just being submissive and saying goodbye. Juan Pablo might not understand and he might not agree, but after all, they was her feelings and she wanted to articulate them.

I’m not taking sides — it’s not really my style — but I’ve loved Andi from day one and this proves her emotional intelligence. But again, just because they weren’t a good fit and she isn’t a “fan” of him, doesn’t mean there isn’t a good fit for him out there. Different people bring out different things in different people.

I have nothing against Juan, and want to see the best for him regardless of everyone’s opinions. I was sad to see Andi go because she was one of my favourites, but because she is so emotionally in tune, I think this was the best thing for her. Now, moving forward... who is the best for Juan? Well, I love Nikki and I think she is adorable. Sadly, I don’t see a “forever and ever” fit with any of the remaining girls… but we shall see!

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