The Bachelor: Which Bachelor Nation Couple Got Engaged in New Zealand?
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The Bachelor: Which Bachelor Nation Couple Got Engaged in New Zealand?

With 27 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette signed, sealed, and delivered, it can be hard to remember who got engaged where and when. So, when we put it to Viggle users to answer a pretty tough question during the New Zealand-set episode of The Bachelor on February 10, we had pretty low expectations. But surprisingly, the majority of Viggle LIVE! app users knew the right answer!

We gave responders the choice of three married Bachelor Nation couples, hoping that the beautiful Lake Taupo, New Zealand, setting from Juan Pablo Galavis’s episode would ring some bells. Was it Season 13 couple Jason and Molly Mesnick who warranted a one-kneed question? What about Season 4 Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak and his Season 13 Bachelor wife, Ann Lueders? Or maybe Season 6 Bachelorette finalist Chris Lambton and his Season 10 Bachelor alumna lady, Peyton?

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A very wise 57 percent of you knew that the Mesnicks returned to the scene of their Bachelor finale to try and rewrite history. Jason had originally proposed to Melissa Rycroft in the land of the Kiwis, leaving Molls agape back in the day. Still, it didn’t put a damper on his return trip with runner-up Molly, to whom he proposed on their second go-round. The couple will celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary this year!

It seems we tricked the remaining Vigglers, with 22 percent believing Ann accepted Jesse’s proposal down under, and 21 percent thinking it was the Lambtons who got their start in the geyser-filled paradise.

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