The Bachelor and Bachelorette: Everyone Who Is Eliminated Talks to a Therapist
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The Bachelorette

The Bachelor and Bachelorette: Everyone Who Is Eliminated Talks to a Therapist

Being dumped sucks. Being dumped on national television has got to blow like Moby Dick. While every contestant gets a chance to voice their opinion in their wrap up interview, ABC doesn’t think that venting experience is cathartic enough. So each contestant who is eliminated has to talk to a psychiatrist before they exit the premises. Guess what’s at the top of our career wish list now that we’ve heard this news?

Reality Steve casually dropped this therapy bomb in response to a reader email questioning Andi Dorfman runner up Nick Viall’s mental state after being eliminated. Because Nick felt like he didn’t get closure from Andi — as evidenced by his now infamous “why did you make love to me?” bomb — the reader asks Steve “shouldn’t the therapist do a little more to help someone like Nick deal with his past and learn to move on?”

In response, Steve writes, “Everyone that’s eliminated immediately talks to a therapist afterwards, but then basically you never hear from that therapist again. Nick sounded like he needed one on a weekly basis.” Basically it sounds like the counselor just makes sure the eliminated contestant isn’t going to go Stage 5 right then and there, and sends them on their merry way. (And just an aside, we kinda wish we had a therapist on call every time we got dumped — our pizza guy isn’t taking our calls anymore…)

Maybe the producers of the hit dating show ought to rethink their policy. Nick clearly didn’t get enough from his 1-on-1 vent session, as he followed it up with this ranting call to his mother, this heartfelt letter, and, of course, his performance during the After the Final Rose special. If ABC would like to employ a few more on-call therapists to help contestants in their time of need which it appears they should — we officially volunteer for the gig! We’re all ears!

Do you think it’s smart for contestants to talk to a therapist after eliminations, yes or no? Tell us below.

Source: Reality Steve