Bachelor Finale Spoilers: Is Reality Steve Wrong About Who Wins Season 15?
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Bachelor Finale Spoilers: Is Reality Steve Wrong About Who Wins Season 15?

*Spoiler alert* If you don't want any exposure to Reality Steve's Bachelor Season 15 spoilers, please check out the other stuff we have for you. Love ya! Bye!

Holy flashbacks to last summer, Batman!

Remember how Reality Steve was right about all of Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette — except for the ending? He said she would pull a Womack and choose no one, when in fact she was engaged to Roberto Martinez? Steve apologized, and his sources had good intel on Bachelor Pad. They continued to get the details right for Brad Womack's The Bachelor Season 15, so we were on board with the Spoiler King again.

But now one of the Fans of Reality TV posters who "sleuthed" out the correct ending of Ali's season says we have another falsely predicted season finale.

Steve's sources said Brad picks Chantal O'Brien over Emily Maynard. Not only are Chantal and Brad engaged, Steve claimed they spent Thanksgiving together with her family in Palm Desert, California.

BlondieGal, a familiar face on the FORT boards during Ali's season, wrote this on Saturday, February 26, under the thread title "There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First": "I have not sleuthed this season but wanted to let you all know that yesterday I heard from the source that gave me the confirmation that Ali & Roberto were engaged last season. They told me that Brad picks Emily at the FRC [final rose ceremony], and they are engaged."

As another poster noted, "I have a hard time believing this since it completely contradicts all of the other factual evidence and outside sources who have pointed to Chantal as F1 [the final one]. But thank you for passing along the information anyways. I guess we will find out on March 14 whose sources are more reliable: yours or Reality Steve and lithargic's!"

(Lithargic is another poster who wrote, a while back, "I am confident that RS [Reality Steve] will change his F1 pick before the season ends" and "I'm not sure if RS knows ALL of the people who were at that Thanksgiving dinner.")

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Steve posted that he has a major announcement coming, which he'll post on Monday. He wouldn't say what it's about, but here's the teaser he wrote, also on Saturday:

"However, there is something I’ve been working on for two days now that I’m gonna need a little more time on to sort it all through. Obviously has to do with Brad's season, but that's all I can reveal at this point. I honestly have been working feverishly on this for the past 48 hours and I’m sure it will continue all the into next week until I have all the details. I cannot come forward with this until I know everything, but trust me when I do, you all will be the first to hear it. It's not rumor, it's not speculation, it's not anything like that. This is pretty serious stuff that went down that I know you'll want to hear. I will let you know when I get all the details I need. Please bear with me. I appreciate it."

Is he going to announce that his sources were wrong again? Was the 48 hours part for the benefit of FORT-boarders, to let them know he had it first?

Or is this perhaps something to do with Brad and Chantal breaking up? Or already married? Or something else entirely?

This is what we've missed! We've missed being unsure about the ending. It does seem like Brad will pick Chantal, if for no other reason than the fact that he still can't hold a conversation with Emily.

However, Brad has said he fell for his chosen one early in the season, and he is like "a high school sophomore" around her, calling her 20 times a day. He does act like a junior high dork around Emily, and he appeared to be smitten with her from the get-go.

On top of that, Brad was asked in his pre-season conference call:

"What kind of woman were you looking for?"
Brad: "Someone who is genuinely sweet and ... someone that makes me want to be a better person. And I know that's so vague. Trust me, I want to tell you so much more! But just genuinely sweet and very much a friend, and I found that."

That definitely sounds like Emily.

On the other hand, Brad also said he has to do a lot of kissing up on Tuesdays after each episode airs. He says his special lady gets insecure, and they talk about it. That sounds more like Chantal.

So if — and it's a big if — Reality Steve is wrong about Chantal versus Emily, is he wrong about Ashley Hebert as the Bachelorette? PLEASE can this be true? Is this the real reason why Emily was not chosen as the Bachelorette, because she's already engaged to Brad?

We'll find out soon!

Sources: FORT, Reality Steve

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