The Bachelor: How Many Couples Who Got Engaged in the Finale Got Married? The Answer Is…
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The Bachelor: How Many Couples Who Got Engaged in the Finale Got Married? The Answer Is…

We like to watch The Bachelor in full-on quiz mode, asking our pals constant questions about the show to prove we know everything. It doesn’t always end well, but quizzing Viggle LIVE! users doesn’t involve getting wine thrown at us, so when we have trick questions up our sleeve, they’re the perfect targets. Like one we asked recently, for example: how many couples who got engaged in the finale got married?

The answer is none, and for the super savvy among fans of The Bachelor, that should have been an easy one, but only 12 percent of Viggle LIVE! users got it right. So what went wrong?

We get where the confusion might have come from for the 27 percent of responders who said that one pair of Bachelor finale engagees got hitched in the end. While Jason and Molly Mesnick did meet on The Bachelor Season 13, Molly wasn’t the one he proposed to in the finale — that was Melissa Rycroft. Later, Jason and Molly got together, and then were married in February 2010. The special aired in March, and they’ve been happily ever after since.

The 61 percent of users who said three couples had gotten married after the big TV engagement probably included The Bachelorette couples Trista and Ryan Sutter, and Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum in the quick judgment. They’re two of our faves, too, and we think about them more than we’d care to admit, but they don’t count for this query. Sorry!

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