‘BIP’ Couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Reveal Their Baby Girl’s Name

Carly Waddell

‘BIP’ Couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Reveal Their Baby Girl’s Name


Baby Bass has a name!

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, who met during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, just revealed their future daughter’s name.

Though she isn’t due for a couple of weeks, the pair shared the adorable name on Instagram over the weekend.

"Well folks, I lost the battle to name our baby girl Evan but I won the war with the name: 'Isabella Evelyn Bass,'" Evan wrote on Instagram on Sunday, January 14.

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"My sweet Grandma Bass was named Evelyn and she was the best and I hope that our daughter is fierce like her."

Carly also shared the exciting news on her Instagram page following their baby shower.

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“Yesterday was the most enchanting celebration for Little Bella. We were surrounded by love and laughter from friends and family in a whimsical fairly [sic] land,” she wrote.  

“We are now fully stocked with floral headbands, fairy dolls, soft pink swaddles, swings, bouncers, indies, and hand made wall hangings.”

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The former Bachelor star continued, “I would say she’s about ready to greet the world.”

The sweet couple tied the knot over the summer in Mexico alongside many of their Bachelor Nation friends.

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They then revealed they were expecting just weeks after tying the knot and announced their baby’s sex.

"We are absolutely out of our minds with happiness," Evan told E! News.

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"Our whole family was hoping for a girl and it's a dream come true. When we found out we both started crying our eyes out with tears of happiness.”

He continued, “We are already planning an all pink room. The boys freaked out. Also, I was feeling extremely lucky so I went out and bought a lottery ticket for the first time since I was 18.

“I didn't win so I guess I'm not that lucky."

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We can’t wait to meet little Bella!