DeMario Jackson’s Lawyer: There’s “No Criminal Investigation” in ‘BIP’ Scandal
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Bachelor in Paradise

DeMario Jackson’s Lawyer: There’s “No Criminal Investigation” in ‘BIP’ Scandal


A lot of contradicting information has been thrown around about what really went on between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

She contends that she’s “a victim” of the alleged sexual “misconduct” that caused the show’s suspension, while her castmates say nothing nefarious took place.

But what does the investigation say?

Warner Brothers is still conducting a thorough probe into the night, after Corinne maintained she was too drunk to consent to any sexual activity between herself and DeMario.

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Still, what’s notable is that the 25-year-old gal has yet to name who she’s holding responsible for this alleged incident.

But if you talk to DeMario’s lawyer, Walter Mosley, it won’t be him.

Walter spoke with Variety recently about the situation around his client, whom he calls a “super smart, very witty, well educated” guy with a “really great family.”


“He has no record, has never been accused of anything like this, and no one that knows him would ever think he would be in this type of situation,” the lawyer states.

“This has caused a lot of trauma — both physical and emotional injury. It’s been difficult for DeMario and his family.”

This corroborates a recent report from a source who tells Us Weekly the 30-year-old “doesn’t even feel comfortable staying in his own home” due to all the negative media coverage.


For his part, the former executive recruiter hasn’t said whether he’ll be taking legal action against production or Corinne herself, though his attorney says a lot will ride on the supposed video footage from the night.

“I have requested the tapes and I’m hoping to see the tapes next week,” Walter states. “The tapes are the real facts needed to vindicate DeMario’s name.”

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According to Buzzfeed, his castmate hasn’t been granted access to the tapes either, despite also reaching out via her lawyer.

Whatever these tapes reveal, DeMario’s team is confident “there’s no criminal investigation and we don’t fear any criminal investigation.”

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First off, he insists the pair had a “very limited interaction” — despite what’s been implied in the press.

Plus, he claims that that interaction happened at 5 p.m., which was much earlier than some of the other “hookups” the Miami gal has been rumored to have engaged in during the night.

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“If you read the account [in tabloids], they suggest that there were three other people who had similar hookups with Corinne throughout the night, after DeMario — none of which have been perceived like my client has, but those hookups would have happened at night,” he reasons.

However hostile you might expect their relationship to be after all of this he said, she said, the Bachelorette contestant’s team says he only has his fellow franchise star’s best interests in mind.

“He has a great deal of respect for Corinne,” he explains. “They were as friendly as castmates could be.”

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We’ll see if that lasts as this investigation comes to a close — which we hear will be in the coming days.