DeMario Jackson Admits He Felt “Suicidal” After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal
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Bachelor in Paradise

DeMario Jackson Admits He Felt “Suicidal” After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal


We’re all still trying to make heads and tails of last night’s second part of the Bachelor in Paradise premiere.

But whether or not it gave fans the answers they wanted regarding the June “misconduct” scandal that led to the Season 4 shutdown, it seems DeMario Jackson got what he wanted.

That would be redemption for the way he was portrayed after his encounter with Corinne Olympios.

Ahead of the two-part season kick-off, the 30-year-old expressed how excited he was for fans to see “the truth” after he’d endured “consent” and “assault” headlines connected to his name.

After the premiere, he’s talking about how he think ABC did with handling the difficult topic — and he seems fairly positive.

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"I feel like they rolled enough of the tape,” DeMario tells, while sporting a "Show the Tape" tee.

He continues, “You can't show too much, because that's gonna disrespect Corinne and I, and I just feel like it wouldn't be the best or the classiest thing to do. But, they showed enough.

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“The public, they need to see something. I think they just needed to see [that] she's lucid. I'm lucid. We're swimming around. We're having fun. We're friends.”

The Cali native goes on to emphasize how differently he was portrayed on-screen from what was reported in the press.

“It wasn't like I'm some predator who was at the bar waiting for the girl to get extremely drunk, then I'm like, 'Oops! Let me pounce on her,’” he notes.

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“No, it was very mutual and, in fact, she was a little bit of the aggressor in it, and I love how they painted the picture and the story of us actually talking, mingling, getting to know each other.”

They did, in fact, show all of that — though suspiciously, footage of the two together stopped after they first got in the pool in late afternoon, and picked up again the next morning at breakfast.

That wasn’t lost on the Bachelorette alum, who admits he wishes they’d explained more.

“That very moment of us getting into the pool and everything, that's when we had kinda got, you know, a little more cozier, so to speak,” he recalls.

He adds, “Everything happened and then we were just finished.”

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Still, on a whole he’s “much happier” now that what he sees as the truth is out there.

That comes after months of being “heartbroken, angry and depressed,” even hitting a personal low when he says the press contacted his grandmother, and even “harassed” his mother on social media.

He concedes, “I signed up for this reality. I feel guilty, because my mom didn't sign up for this, and she's been getting harassed, people tweeting at her, on her Instagram saying, 'Your son's a rapist.'"

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All of this turmoil got to be too much for the former executive recruiter to handle, and he says it got so bad he even thought about ending his life.

Though he maintains he never thought “I’m gonna kill myself,” DeMario shares he felt very emotional and “suicidal, but not like the suicidal you might think.”

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“I remember just talking to my mom, like, 'My life's over. Like, I don't even want to live anymore.' And she, like, lost it,” he details.

The 6-foot-4 hunk lost a whopping 25 pounds due to stress, and he sought out the help of a therapist to deal with the trauma.

Now, he’s at peace with both ABC and even Corinne — though he hasn’t been able to get in touch with the Miami gal.

He does have some advice for his fellow franchise star, who has also been dragged through the mud of late.

“Don't let the people who weren't there alter your judgment. Don't let the people who weren't there get the best of you," he recommends.

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“Corinne's a lot like me, she's extremely misunderstood. She has a personality that lights up a room, a smile that lights the room. She's a smart girl, and when I say smart, I mean she knows how to play this reality wheel thing.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.