‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contract Says DeMario and Corinne Can’t Sue Producers
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Bachelor in Paradise

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contract Says DeMario and Corinne Can’t Sue Producers


Both Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have lawyered up in the days after the alleged sexual “misconduct” incident on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

They’ve expressed their intent to take action against those responsible (aka production) — her for the trauma she experienced as a “victim,” him for his character “assassination” in the press.

But can they really do anything, legally-speaking?

It’ll be very difficult, according to the contract they signed as contestants — obtained this week by TMZ.


The document reveals that all contestants waive their right to sue producers over claims of “negligence” or “personal injury.”

The type of injuries that apply are not fully outlined, though they do share a few examples.

Production is apparently not culpable if castmates are given any sort of sexually transmitted diseases, even if they result in injury (whatever that means).

They’re also not responsible for any “unwelcome or unlawful contact or other interaction among participants.”

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That sure sounds like what Corinne has been alleging...

In other words, this paperwork protects the crew from being responsible if the 25-year-old did indeed get too intoxicated to remember engaging in sexual activity with DeMario.

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Now, there is a way that this could be overridden, but it’s not exactly easy.

Apparently, if production is proven to have been reckless during filming, this clause would not be enforceable.

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So the Miami gal’s lawyer would have to prove that not only was she incapable of giving consent to the sexual activity, but that staffers saw that and still allowed it to happen.

If they are able to show that, that deems the crew “reckless.”

We’ll have to wait and see if this makes it to court, but it is interesting to note that most of the anger from both Corinne and DeMario seems to be directed at producers — not one another.

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The 30-year-old hunk was stopped outside of a gym in L.A. late this week.

At the time, he dodged questions about whether he’s obtained video footage of the alleged incident via his attorney.

“My family and I, we’re kind of weighing out my options,” he tells the TMZ reporter.

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He’s tight-lipped about anything else related to that, though when the subject of Corinne’s recent slut-shaming online comes up, he sticks up for her.

“If you love me, love her, as well,” he insists.

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He continues, “I don’t like the whole slander of Corinne or people calling her names and whatnot … At the end of the day, nobody knows what happened.”

He then emphasizes that he has only “respect for her and respect for her family,” which makes it clear that any sort of court battle will likely not be fought between these two.

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Your move, ABC!

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