‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 Will Include DeMario & Corinne Footage — Report
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Bachelor in Paradise

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 Will Include DeMario & Corinne Footage — Report


Guess we don’t know anything about the Bachelor franchise anymore!

Bachelor in Paradise producers have rendered us shocked more than once lately with their actions — like suspending production for the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson scandal and then putting it back into production after an investigation proved it wasn’t “misconduct.”

But none of that compares to what we just found out about the newly-renewed show!

You’d think with accusations of assault and issues of consent flying around, the Disney-owned network would not want to include Corinne and DeMario in the season.


However, sources close to the show told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti — and they told us on their Almost Famous podcast — that the contestants at the center of the scandal will appear on the show.

Not only that, but Ashley shared that much of the footage gathered in those first three days of filming will be shown come August.

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“They will be showing a lot of footage that led up to the shutdown on this coming season of Bachelor in Paradise,” the two-time BIP star announced.

Lest you not trust her intel, bare in mind, she’s deeply connected to production and some of the current cast!

“That’s surprising to me,” Ben replied, to which his co-host chimed in, “I think so, too.”

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She added, “I was very concerned, I was like, ‘Are they just going to start fresh? Or are they going to pretend like nothing happened?’”

That’s not to say they know what exactly will be aired.

The former Bachelor mused, “There’s so much risk in them showing it, in my eyes.”

“If they do show it, [I guess] it’s showing some confidence in the production company. Like, ‘We’re going to show exactly what happened and I guess maybe let the audience be the judge’?”

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Just like us, KardAshley previously thought the show would use the first three days of footage, just completely cut out Corinne and DeMario.

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That won’t be the case, it seems!

Either way, these two alums sound like they’re going to be tuning in for it all.

Also, the earlier-shot scenes might not be the only way we see DeMario on this rebooted season.

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Though reports have the former executive recruiter declining an offer to return, he told E! News correspondent Melanie Bromley a very different story.

The journalist called into the podcast, sharing that the Cali hunk revealed to her that returning is something he’ll “potentially consider.”

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In his mind, Paradise has always been a way for him to revamp his image after it was tarnished by his ex-girlfriend Lexi Thexton on Bachelorette 2017.

“There’s a sense in him that he wants to redeem himself again,” Melanie detailed, “And [he thinks] going back would give him that chance.

“It’s something he very much wants to tell his side and explain to people who he is,” she concluded.

Don’t count him out yet, guys!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 returns in late summer 2017.