Credit: Fox via Photo: I Wanna Marry "Harry"

Roses and soccer players are great and all, but you know what’s even better? A crown and a prince. At least, that’s the concept behind Fox’s summer reality dating show, and we can’t wait.

On the super hush-hush I Wanna Marry “Harry, a dozen American ladies (who clearly owe their optometrists a visit) head off to England to try and marry Prince Harry (the real one). We know what you’re thinking: sounds like these girls really need to up their OK! subscriptions if they believe that any old ginger fella is Wills’ brother. But just wait a second.

Fox hired a “bloke” named Matthew Hicks, who is a lookalike of Cressida Bones’s boyfriend, and gave him a little sprucing up. The doz girls trying to get their hands on his royal jewels are put up in the “palatial Englefield House in Berkshire,” explains of the summer show.

We’re pretty sure this is the new Joe Millionaire, and obviously we’re excited. But if this bait-n-switch brand of ridiculousness isn’t your bag, perhaps you’d rather watch a bunch of 20-somethings (and Chris Harrison, of course) get saucy in the hot hot heat? Well, you’re in luck, because ABC also recently announced the new incarnation of Bachelor Pad.

Bachelor in Paradise will take care of your summer dreaming, bringing all the romance of dating in televised segments, without the pesky sweat rings you get while trying to sip tea whilst wearing pleated khakis…


Credit: NDN Photo: Fake Prince Harry Dating Show (VIDEO)
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