If you don’t have Bachelor in Paradise fever yet, it’s time to catch it, cuz the drama is in full swing. In the premiere alone, we saw the beginnings of a romantic situation gone tragically wrong with Michelle Kujawa (WHO jumped out the window?!). More on that to come tonight. But that's not the only salacious intel we've got on Episode 2 — we'll soon find out that one of the contestants is involved in the classic “girlfriend back home” — but with a twist.

Season 9 Bachelorette “villain” Ben Scott may be "searching for love" on the spin-off, but IRL, he has been spotted around Dallas with a gorgeous model named Lindsay Higgins. We hear that they actually began dating before the show and seem to be super happy together now.

Both Lindsay and Ben posted pics on Instagram of one another in recent months, including this one taken in May during a trip to Las Vegas for Ben’s 30th birthday. “They go to church together, hang at Ben’s bar [Trophy Room]... she even hangs with his son. They are super happy together, and are definitely not trying to hide anything,” sources say of the hot couple. 

So, how does this play out on the show? From what we’ve heard, Ben and Lindsay started dating just a few days after Ben committed to the show. “He hesitated even going on it, but thought it might be a good opportunity to help him open other doors.” Hmm, we’d call out some Soulja Boy “Right Reasons” rapping, if the memory didn’t literally make us want to vom. But with a show as chaotic in its intentions as this one, we can’t say that an opportunity-based mindset isn’t totally legit.

The details of his exit are where the drama really comes in, though. Word is that Ben had told several members of the cast about Lindsay before he was eliminated. “He claimed to have told producers that he wanted to go home pretty much right away, but said they wouldn’t let him.” With a whole house full of gorgeous girls, why would he want to leave? “He said he liked this girl a lot, and the cast all thought it was a little weird, but he kept sticking around.”

Another source reports that
Desiree Hartsock’s 10th favorite boyfriend “was definitely the party starter and resident bartender. He definitely kicked back more drinks than most people there,” adding that conditions "weren't exactly the paradise promised, with bad food, nothing to do, and no great ways to pass the time." Ben also apparently snuck a phone in so he could call son Brody at home. And it seems it was the hidden objects thing that got him a ticket home, since his exit played out like someone had found an incriminating piece of evidence.

Marquel and Marcus approached Ben and told him they found a letter from his girlfriend, and then demanded answers on camera, asking why he was there if he had another girl,” the source tells us. “He didn’t even deny it and he left. I don’t know how they’ll spin it, but he was happy to go home.” As for how the guys found the letter, it’s a little hazier, since he “didn’t exactly leave it out for prying eyes. Ben asked where they found it, but didn’t believe them.”

We can’t wait to see how it will all be completely edited to make him look like a villain play out!

Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise tonight, August 11 on ABC to find out what happens!