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Now that Andi Dorfman’s stint as Bachelorette has come to a blissful end, we can set our sights on the next love fest ABC has to offer — Bachelor in Paradise, which airs tonight at 8pm! The reality dating spin-off is still a wee bit of a mystery, but we've learned lots more about it in recent weeks, including which of the Bachelor Nation pairs are still together!

We already knew the show finished wrapping about a month back, and that some of the Bach/ette alums had paired off during the filming. Thanks to spoiler king Reality Steve, we know the show ends without any prizes, aside from the love that the two enduring couples find. Those lucky pairs are Cody Sattler and Michelle Money and Marcus Grodd and Lacy FaddoulChris Bukowski and Elise Mosca exited the show together early when Chris got injured, but they no longer appear to be together.

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To those observant enough to note, the only two dudes to walk away with a lady on their arms were from Andi’s season. She must have really primed her contestants to want a relationship! So how does it all go down? According to RS, the final six couples at the end of the season are put to the test, with those that want to stay together choosing to enter the Fantasy Suite.

What happens after that is a little unclear, but we do know what the end results are. Two pairs split before the Fantasy Suite Date, one breaks up after, and one breaks up at an unknown time. That leaves Bachelor Nation All-Star Michelle with blond muscleman Cody, and true romantic Marcus with Juan Pablo Galavis early cast-off Lacy. Rumor has it both couples are still together and “head over heels for each other.” Wow!

Time will tell if the TV pairings will last, but it’s clear that the producers really want them to. They even roped in their prized models of successful Bachelor/ette coupledom — Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, Jason and Molly Mesnick, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici — to give the final BiP couples advice on “making their relationship work.” Not a bad move, ABC!

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Source: Reality Steve