Credit: Michelle Money on Facebook

We’ve seen Michelle Money break down a few times on Bachelor in Paradise’s first season, but unlike many of her hyper-emotional (to put it nicely) castmates, this stunning gal has a good reason. You see, Michelle is taking her time in Tulum very seriously, as she’s left her 9-year-old daughter at home while Mommy tries to find true love. And we understand her pain after seeing how quickly Brielle is growing up, thanks to a recent picture!

Michelle took to Facebook this week to share a snap of her growing baby girl heading off to school. “4th Grade here we come!! This sassy girl is going to have an amazing year!” Michelle captioned the sweet shot.

Credit: Michelle Money on Facebook

Now that Bri is getting older, doesn’t she look just like her gorgeous mama? Seriously, it’s hard to believe that someone that looks like M-squared has a daughter that’s already nearly into double digits. Last time we caught up with Brielle, she was a major tomboy and now she’s such a little lady with those long locks!

After seeing this, we can’t help but hope that Michelle finds true love in Paradise. It still hurts a little that she and Graham Bunn couldn’t make it work — he seems like he’d be a great dad! — but we hope there’s someone else who could be a potential step-pop for little Brielle. Hint: There might just be (click here for spoilers).  

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Source: Michelle Money on Instagram