The Bachelor: Will Juan Pablo Galavis and Clare Crawley Be Able to Move On?
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The Bachelor: Will Juan Pablo Galavis and Clare Crawley Be Able to Move On?

There’s a lot to be said for being able to take a timeout from a relationship. On The Bachelor, however, contestants and rose-dolers have no such luck, since each week is another round of dates and eliminations. So, when Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo Galavis had it out in Vietnam last week, we were worried they’d never be able to get over it. Luckily, Viggle LIVE! users helped us reflect on the those crazy kids’ future by weighing in on our poll during the February 10 episode.

We asked Viggle users if Clare and Juan Pablo would ever be able to move on from what happened during their mysterious middle-of-the-night ocean makeout session, and the awkward conversation that followed. Unfortunately, only 16% of poll responders were all about moving on like adults. The other 84% of quick-fingered Viggle judgers were ready to let Clare call it a day on this romance aventura.

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Yikes! We can totally see where the head-shaking majority is coming from. After all, she was devastated by his actions, and we can’t imagine she’ll be able to put on a smile and make it through without a scratch. But who knows! After their 1-on-1 date in New Zealand, maybe they’ve seen the light?

Do you have an opinion on such important world news as the future of El Bachelor and his chosen ones? Of course you do! Well, you should let your little light shine by downloading the Viggle app, checking in to your favorite shows, and racking up points to get cool stuff! Unlike Juan Pablo, it will never leave you sobbing while dressed in formal wear...

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