5 Things You Didn\'t Know About ‘Bachelor’ Frontrunner Lauren B.
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The Bachelor

5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Bachelor’ Frontrunner Lauren B.


From the moment Lauren Bushnell stepped out of the limo (first!) in the Bachelor 2016 premiere, it was clear she’d made quite an impression on our handsome Ben Higgins.

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But it wasn’t until this week’s Episode 3 we were able to really separate Lauren B. from the rest of the “Lauren/Lauras” in the pack. And boy did girlfriend make an impression!

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The chemistry between Ben and the flight attendant was evident from the moment they boarded the biplane, and we loved their cute banter in the hot tub and deep-ish chats at dinner.

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Still, if this 25-year-old beauty is a frontrunner for the Mrs. Higgins title, we still have a lot more we’d like to know about her! Luckily, a little internet and social media digging gives us a better picture of who Lauren B. really is...

Her Family Is Thick as Thieves

Life just wouldn't be the same without this group of weirdos.

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With the way Lauren gushed about her dad on Bachelor (and how much the man loves his yard work!) you could probably already tell she was close with her family. But judging by the amount of photos of this brood — including sister Mollie and brothers Bryant and Brett — they spend a ton of time together.

Her Parents Are Her #RelationshipGoals

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While the Oregon native told Ben she’s looking for a husband like her dad, what she probably meant was a marriage like her parents — they’ve been married for over 27 years! Now that is something to aspire to.

She’s Got a Sense of Humor

At first glance, Lauren seems like a quieter, mild-manner gal — but just like her potential hubby Ben, it looks like there’s an underlying kick to her personality! A look at some of her tweets proves this blondie loves to laugh!

She's Great With Kids

Though babies are still probably a ways away for the 25-year-old, she's clearly got the maternal vibe. Just check her out with a friend's kid above!

Her Eye For Design Is Spot On

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go"

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For now, Lauren’s career is centered on traveling the world as a flight attendant. However, if down the road she wants to settle down somewhere — perhaps with Ben! — she might have another career in interior design. Just check out her bedroom above! Plus, she’s always posting about HGTV and shopping at West Elm.