Bachelor Nation Exes Reunite for a “Beautiful and Special” Night — Why?
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Bachelor Nation Exes Reunite for a “Beautiful and Special” Night — Why?

Many Bachelor Nation breakups aren’t exactly known for being amicable. DeAnna Pappas Stagliano will most certainly not be inviting Jesse Csincsak to any upcoming holiday parties. And we’re pretty sure there’s a higher chance of dentist Blake Julian using soda as mouthwash than his wife, Holly Julian, spending a day with her ex, Michael Stagliano.

Bachelor Nation Exes Reunite for a “Beautiful and Special” Night — Why?
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But apparently, not all Bachelor breakups are so bitter. In fact, one beloved former couple just spent an evening together. He tweeted that he “loved” it, while she wrote on Instagram that the entire evening was “beautiful and special.” So, who is this couple... and what brought them back together?

It’s Bachelorette Season 5 runner-up Kiptyn Locke and Bachelor Season 14 runner-up Tenley Molzahn! Count on KipTen to keep things cute, friendly, and totally drama-free. Kiptyn and Tenley met while they were both contestants on Bachelor Pad 1. The sweet, kind (and incredibly photogenic) couple quickly captured our hearts.

Alas, KipTen was just not meant to be, and the couple announced in March of 2013 that they had ended their two-and-a-half-year relationship. But Tenley and Kiptyn still live in San Diego, and they’re both just as dedicated to supporting local charities as ever.

On December 10, they the duoe formerly known as KipTen attended Make a Wish: San Diego’s “So You Wish You Could Skate” charity event. Also there: the duo’s longtime friend, Roberto Martinez of The Bachelorette Season 6. The Make a Wish: San Diego team thanked all three the next day on Twitter, writing, “TY @Kiptyn 4 judging So You Wish You Could Skate! Great to have @TenleyMolzahn &@Roberto_M_Jr there too!”

Kiptyn’s response was quick. “We loved it!” he wrote. “We,” huh? Hmm. Tenley, too, took to Instagram to gush about the night. “Last night we got to brush on some of our ice skating skills at one of my favorite events of the year, Make A Wish San Diego's "So You Wish You could Skate". Such a beautiful & special night on the ice rink along the beach!” she wrote.

Even if KipTen isn’t an item, we love to see how they can still come together to support a good cause. Who says all breakups have to end messily? Or that they have to break up forever…

Do you want to see Kiptyn and Tenley get back together? What other Bachelor Nation couples do you miss? Share below in the comments!

Sources: Kiptyn Locke on Twitter, Tenley Molzahn on Instagram