Bachelor Nation Reacts to Tonight’s Episode: Bitches and Breakdowns
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Tonight’s Episode: Bitches and Breakdowns

Usually there's at least one trainwreck drunk mess at the first cocktail party, so we guess Juan Pablo Galavis's season is off to kind of a slow start. But, man, he sure pulled ahead tonight! Though we're still wondering where Victoria Lima's "I want Juan Pablo to die" footage from the previews ended up, it made for some good, albeit cringe-inducing TV.

Add that to the nudity, the extravagant dates, and what look to be the seeds of bitchy infighting (OUR FAVORITE), and tonight's Bachelor ep pretty much ticked all the boxes for us.

But who cares what WE think. Here's some of the best tweets from our favorite Bachelor Nation peeps during tonight's Juanderful episode.

We'd probably want to kick the bucket if a guy took us to the Electric Run for a date, but Ali Fedotowsky feels differently.

Maybe Juan's English is better than we think it is?

There was some #explosivediarrhea alright... of the mouth.

As Mike Garafola demonstrates, you can take the bachelor out of the courtroom, but you can't take the courtroom out of the bachelor.

AshLee Frazier is experiencing some deja vu...

Us too, Spives. Us too.

In any other episode, Amy Long's weird reporter gimmick would have been the most awkward moment of the episode. (We hope you send Victoria a thank you note, Amy.)

We're ALL exhausted. And yet Victoria woke up with NO hangover? We need to know her secret.

Cool story, Jesse.

Uh... you guys do know it's Bachelor night... right?