Which Bachelorette Villain Is Campaigning For Bachelor Pad 4?
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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Villain Is Campaigning For Bachelor Pad 4?

Hands up if you're still not over ABC's shocking decision to cancel Bachelor Pad — the glorious sista-friend of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Sigh, in what world does a game show in which contestants get drunk and flop around in pits of whipped cream not sound like a recipe for television success?

Despite the fact that Bachelor Nation is protesting hardcore, it doesn't look like ABC's Powers That Be have any immediate plans for resurrecting The Pad — but that isn't stopping Bachelorette Season 9 bad-boy Jonathan Vollinger from backing the show.

Which Bachelorette Villain Is Campaigning For Bachelor Pad 4?
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"Time now for @Bachelor_Nation to #savethepad," Jonathan tweeted on August 6, "a land where indulging in booze and fantasy suites is not only accepted but encouraged #BP4."

Preach, Jonathan. It's no surprise that this dude wants to save Bachelor Pad, considering that the show would likely welcome him and his questionable sexual advances with open arms. Oh, and don't worry — Jonathan already has his dream partner picked out...none other than Bachelor Sean Lowe's most hilarious cast-off, Ashley Palenkas! You know, Ashley? The girl who tried to strangle Sean with a necktie, 50 Shades of Grey style? Her.

"Ashley P., be my partner?" Jonathan tweeted. "For one night?"

Um, yes please. The thought of Jonathan and Ashley spending a night together is almost too beautiful to imagine. Which is why the moment clearly needs to be filmed by Chris Harrison. Make it happen, Bachelor Nation!

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