Which Former Bachelor Pad Rivals Are Making Nice?
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Which Former Bachelor Pad Rivals Are Making Nice?

After enduring the craziness of living in the namesake Bachelor Pad, it’s a wonder that all the contestants don’t have full-on PTSD. Further, we can’t believe that when they see each other — even the people they palled around with at the house — they don’t start panicking and stacking plates and cups to carry while blindfolded!

And considering how tough life in the ‘Pad is, we’re surprised that former competitors — and sometimes nemeses — can ever be friends again. Perhaps the fresh air outside the mansion is good for new beginnings.

Which Former Bachelor Pad Rivals Are Making Nice?
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That seems to be the case with Blakeley Jones and Sarah Newlon who are now on good terms — and clearly still enjoying good hair days — after enduring their respective rocky Chris Bukowski relationship rides on Bachelor Pad 3.

Sarah shared this pic of the pair hanging, captioning it "Work fun @bubblecharlotte with @blakeleyshea!" Both ladies work with the champagne bar Bubble Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C. — which is also the hometown of Emily Maynard, who dumped Chris B. after his hometown date on The Bachelorette Season 8. Full circle!

Last year around this time, Blakeley and Sarah were preparing for the BP3 finale, with Sarah partnered with eventual co-runner-up Chris B. Chris started the game partnered with Blakeley, but got turned off by her possessiveness. He then switched to sensitive Jamie Otis, who fell a little too hard for Chris. Then, he dumped Jamie for Sarah, which worked out well for him.

"The best thing I have done is traded in Blakeley and Jamie for Sarah," Chris said on BP3. "It's like buying a new car. You get the nice new car smell and this is so much smoother and nicer for me." Such a gentleman! Even that total saint Chris Harrison said Chris B. was “not a nice guy” to play all the women in the house, and when CB chose Sarah, it put huge targets on their backs as the “black sheep” of BP3, eventually leading to their demise in the finale.

Blakeley ended up partnered with Tony Pieper and they started their own little showmance. When they were voted out of the house, Sarah tweeted, "I'm have no doubt that @BlakeleyShea and @TonyPieper are watching this thinking they got a huge win out of #BP3 -- each other! #lovebirds!" Blakeley and Tony got engaged on the show's September 10 finale, and Blakeley moved from Charlotte to Portland to be with Tony. It all sounded like wine and roses, but just over a month later, Tony revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment that they had ended their engagement. Now Blakeley is back in Charlotte, along with Sarah.

Chris B., on the other hand — who is opening a “ladies sports lounge” in Arlington, VA — may just be a bad luck charm. Not only did he end up causing drama for Blakeley, Jamie and Sarah, he somehow got involved in the breakup of BP3's Paige Vigil and her now ex-boyfriend! It seems our little Chris Bow-chicka-kowski is a little too hot to handle. Ladies beware...

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