Bachelor Pad’s Natalie Getz Sides With Brian Jarosinski!
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Bachelor Pad’s Natalie Getz Sides With Brian Jarosinski!

We couldn't believe our eyes when Playboy Playmate Stephanie Larimore swaggered into Bachelor Mansion on The Bachelorette 2013 Episode 3 and dropped the truth-bomb that she and Brian Jarosinski were dating. In the immortal words of Calvin Tran, "here go hell come."

According to Stephanie, she and Brian were most definitely still together when he hopped on a jet plane to Malibu, and he even admitted to sleeping with her just two days before The Bachelorette started filming! As you might expect, Desiree Hartsock kicked Brian out of her love nest, but according to Bachelor Pad's Natalie Getz there's more to this sordid tale than meets the eye.

"I'm scared of Stephanie," Natalie posted to Sulia after this week's jaw-dropping episode of The Bachelorette. "That's all I'll say. Honestly scared to say more, but I have stories that would make your head spin! Out of respect for her son, I will keep my mouth shut. I feel so sorry for Brian. If you knew what I knew, you would to."

Way to keep us guessing, Natalie. Who knows what kind of salacious gossip this bombshell has about Steph, but it looks like homegirl had an agenda when she popped up on The Bachelorette and threw Brian under the bus. Then again, this purported cheater did admit to being in a "toxic relationship" with Stephanie moments before heading to Desiree's House of Hotness, so who knows what to believe! Especially considering she’s not the only one saying Steph has an interesting Bachelor cast past.

Do you think there's more to Stephanie's story than meets the eye? Sigh, if only Soulja Boy was here to guide us through these rough times.

Source: Sulia