Will Sean Lowe Have Strippers at His Bachelor Party?
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The Bachelor

Will Sean Lowe Have Strippers at His Bachelor Party?

We already know Bachelor Sean Lowe and fiancée Catherine Giudici love spending time together, but even we were surprised to hear they want to host a joint bachelor and bachelorette party! That’s right — Sean plans to spend his last night of true bachelorhood with his lady love on his arm!

“I love my fiancée, and I figure a joint party is a good way to stay out of trouble,” he told The Gossip Table, adding the plan allows him “to celebrate with the one that I love.”

As if he hadn’t already earned his gold star for the week, Sean then explained there likely won’t be any strippers at the party. “No female strippers at least,” he added.

Such risqué talk from our beloved born-again virgin! Now that he and Cat have officially moved in together, maybe he’s warming up to the idea of truly becoming man and wife.

As for that talk of male strippers, slap a bowtie on Sean and we think he could give Channing Tatum in Magic Mike a run for his money. Fingers crossed we’ll get a chance to see for ourselves when the wedding hits the airwaves sometime soon.

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Source: Hollywood Life