The Bachelor 2014: Should Sharleen Joynt Have Left the Show Sooner?
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The Bachelor 2014: Should Sharleen Joynt Have Left the Show Sooner?

Last night on The Bachelor, in a move that shocked literally no one, front-runner Sharleen Joynt said goodbye to Juan Pablo Galavis and the remaining girls and sent herself home in the Miami episode. However, it seems most viewers feel Shar should have packed it in way sooner!

We polled Viggle LIVE! users during the February 17 episode to gauge how they felt about Sharleen’s timing, and a staggering 77 percent felt she should have said something the first moment she realized she wasn’t feeling it. Only 23 percent felt she took exactly as much time as she needed to arrive at her decision.

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In Sharleen’s defense, she was clearly conflicted, feeling a magnetic connection with Juan Pablo’s lips but far less of one with his brain. That said, we definitely see why the majority of Viggle users think she dragged her feet. The girl seemed to express doubts about Juan Pabs literally every time she had an ITM (that’s “In the Moment,” for the uninitiated) interview.

It’s a safe bet she’ll come to the realization she’s more in touch with her feelings than she gives herself credit for, should she ever watch how her journey on the show unfolded. If a guy offers you a rose and your response is “Um, sure...” you’re just not that into him, hunny.

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02.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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