Bachelor Sneak Peek: Watch Brad’s Awkward Attempt to Invite Emily to a Fantasy Suite

The Bachelor

Bachelor Sneak Peek: Watch Brad’s Awkward Attempt to Invite Emily to a Fantasy Suite

Brad Womack is a total junior high dork about Emily Maynard. He still can't talk to her. In this clip from Monday's episode of The Bachelor Season 15, Brad and Emily are sitting at dinner on their date in South Africa. Brad is stammering and sweating like he's about to ask her to prom.

Brad to Emily: "Why am I so nervous right now?"
Emily: "Why are you?"

Because that's his deal around you, Emily! That is what you’ll be signing up for, should this end in a proposal. He says there are so many things he wants to know, and she tells him she wants him to feel free to ask her anything.

Brad to the camera: "I feel like my relationship with Emily, I've taken things so slowly.” (No kidding!) “But I have a fantasy suite card with me on tonight's date. I'm a little nervous about giving it to her. This is the only chance I'm going to have to talk to Emily in private. I want that time, badly. I want to spend every second with Emily. I am hoping that she accepts the invitation."

That’s sweet, but wouldn't it be funny if she turned him down flat? The preview suggests that she does, out of modesty, but we doubt it. She says she is a mom and she wants to set a good example for her daughter. However, Brad made it clear that all he did was talk to the ladies on the overnight dates. Talking to a man on an overnight date may be intimate, but it’s not exactly risque for a former teen mom. Besides, Ricki won't be upstairs, so they can even *kiss,* if they get bold.

02.25.2011 / 05:32 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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