‘Bachelor’ Finally Pitted the Twins Against Each Other on a 2-on-1 Date
Emily and Haley Ferguson
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The Bachelor

‘Bachelor’ Finally Pitted the Twins Against Each Other on a 2-on-1 Date


You knew this day was coming — why put twins on Bachelor 2016 if you weren’t going to use them for the ultimate 2-on-1 date down the road!

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They we’re not sure if Ben Higgins could even tell the difference between Emily and Haley Ferguson — we sure couldn’t — he (aka producers) felt it was time to finally make a choice between the T.Swift lookalikes.

And what better week than the fourth, when the Bachelor and his remaining contestants are in the twins’ hometown of Las Vegas!

“There’s no doubt I’m attracted to them both, I’m into them both,” Ben says, stating the obvious. “But now it’s getting to the point where, as my feelings grow, it’s harder to comprehend how I could continue with two sisters.”

Cue a visit to their mother’s house! Because tearing a family apart wasn’t effective enough by separating sisters — their mom had to get involved.

The upside about this was seeing the woman who gave us these made-for-Vegas twins, complete with bleach blonde hair and aggressively distressed jeans.

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The downside, however, was Ben’s inability to make a decision (or really make a distinction) between the twins left Emily to make one for him — and betray her sister!

“If Ben’s not having feelings for one of us and he’s having stronger feelings for another, then he needs to send one of us home,” the more aggressive sister stated. “I really kind of need Haley to go home so I can focus on my relationship with Ben.”

The Bachelor must have known Emily was gunning for the remaining twin spot, as he sent Haley home.

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As uncomfortable as it was to see Ben dismiss one half of the set in front of their mom, both he and Haley handled it in stride.

“It’s not easy to be rejected but more importantly I’m thankful that Emily does get to continue this journey, even if it’s alone,” a tearful Haley cried.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.