The Bachelor and Bachelorette: What’s the Average Age of Contestants?
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group    

The Bachelorette

The Bachelor and Bachelorette: What’s the Average Age of Contestants?

So we haven’t been doing a lot lately other than sizing up Andi Dorfman’s hotty hot men and refreshing our browsers to see if they’ve updated their Facebook pages with shirtless pics. To justify all our gawking, we gave ourselves an investigative task to tackle by figuring out the average age of contestants. Why? Why not? So how old is the average rose seeker?

Turns out, it varies if the rose giver is male or female. Andi’s contestants average 29.5 years, whereas the Bachelors get contestants a shade greener. Jake Pavelka’s contestants, for example, were just shy of 25 years at an average age of 24.8. Seems like ABC prefers younger ladies to pair up with older gents.

Since we’re not all that amazeballs at math, we only averaged the ages of contestants from the past five seasons of each series, but that’s enough data to get totally scientific and whatnot, right? In the past five seasons of The Bachelor, the male lead has typically been 31.2 to his contestants’ average age of 26.3. The lady leads on The Bachelorette, however, average 26.2 years to their heart seekers’ 29.1. Turns out ABC thinks 26 is the magic age for a lady to love it up, but guys need a few more years to cook.

Want another interesting stat? When Brad Womack held the lead role during season 11, his average contestant’s age was 27 to his 31. On season 15, when he was 35, his contestants actually got younger, averaging out at 26.8. Wonder how producers came to that decision...

So what does this mean for anyone hoping for a chance at love on the hit show? If you’re female, then you best get your application in now before ABC decides you’re past prime time. Guys have a few more years to sit on the decision. Not fair, but at least us gals get better shoes!

What do you think of the average contestant age? Too young or just right?